How much does it really cost to raise 100 Boschvelder hens? This is a question that people ask me very often. It is actually not that difficult to work out. Based on the feed schedule from Boschveld ranching I have worked out exactly how much it costs to raise 100 Boschvelder hens.

These workings are based on the current price of Nutrifeed layer feed, delivered at 20 bags per delivery. It is assumed that only layers are raised and that they are sexed at one day old. It is also assumed that all of the equipment and poultry houses has already been set up and that the hens are not free-ranging.

Here is a table that shows the feed costs for feeding 100 boschvelder hens:

Age (weeks):Amount of feed needed:Price:

What other costs are involved in raising Boschvelder hens?

That is all for the feed costs. But that is not the only costs that need to be considered. You need to buy day-old chicks at a hatchery. At Faithful Hatchery we sell our day-old chicks for R12 each. This adds another R1200 to the costs.

You also need to take into account the cost of vaccines. Since the first New Castle Disease vaccination has already been given to day-old chicks at Faithful Hatchery, only the other vaccinations will have to be taken into account. All of the other vaccinations should cost about R450, these costs will be the same when raising up to 1000 hens as vaccinations come in batches for 1000 hens. Now you know how much it costs to raise 100 Boschvelder hens.

What does it cost per hen and what is the return on investment?

Thus the total costs of raising Boschvelder hens to point of lay are R7026. This is roughly R70 per hen that is raised and it takes 4 months. These hens can then be sold for R100 to R120 depending on the location and time of the year. This constitutes a profitable business that can be started with minimum investment. It results in a 120% return on investment year on year when 100 hens are raised 3 times per year.

The market for Point of Lay hens has high demand and low supply since poultry businesses do not want to wait 4 months to raise chicks before they start laying. This also results in high prices. If you need more information on running a profitable poultry business check out our other articles.