Looking at why a good quality structure is really important, never really crossed our mind. We did chicken farming since 2014. The chickens that we chose to farm with were very hardy. That is why we did not worry about how we built the structure. Our biggest concern was how to keep the chickens in, and everything else out.

However, we began noticing a trend – the laying rate in our hens began to drop. Slowing at first, and then quite rapidly. What could be the cause?

Why would hardy chickens suddenly start having issues?

We began looking at various things – food, overcrowding, diseases. The coop was damp. Bacteria thrive in a damp environment. Our chickens were getting sick. Our chicken coop needed to be completely reevaluated.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. We needed to downsize and invest in rebuilding the coop, focusing on how to keep it secure, dry and warm for the chickens. Keeping only what was necessary, we did this, hoping to push up their production levels, and installed a new lighting system along with our new roof.

This initial high-cost investment would ensure that our chickens had a good quality structure; to keep our chickens safe from wild cats, snakes and other wild animals that might want to eat them. The shelter needed to be well ventilated, and clean and sanitized. We needed to focus on sunlight and shade as well, and we also wanted to build a spacious coop for them. It would surround their shelter, one that they can access when they want to, from their shelter, giving them access to fresh air and freedom. 

If you would like to learn more about how to build a good coop, click here.

With all the changes, we should have new profits that are higher than before!

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